Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Drone Strike Against ISIS-K Is A Joke, And We Are The Punchline

A few days, the Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA), which has been the hub for evacuating foreign citizens from Afghanistan, before the U.S. military deadline of the 31st of August, became a target for a bombing attack, as one of its security checkpoints was blown up by a suicide bomber. This attack killed about 13 U.S. Marine service members while wounding more than 20 Americans and many Afghans. All of them had to be immediately evacuated to be provided with appropriate medical assistance.

After this incident, Biden swore that the U.S. military would avenge those who had caused this loss. As a result, a counter-strike military operation was carried out against the ISIS-K planner, which supposedly killed the target while leaving no alleged civilian casualties in the process.

But the issue with such a counter strike is that it is insufficient, in the sense that it did not convey a strict message to the terrorists, and there is no surety that the person killed in the attack was the sole convict in this case, leaving his accomplices to continue their terror activities.

This incident and counter-strike are very similar to the counter-attacks that Bill Clinton carried out to avenge the truck bomb attacks by Al-Qaeda, which had collectively claimed about 200 innocent lives. But Clinton’s response to Al-Qaeda’s strikes was to bomb an aspirin factory, which was pointless, ill-planned, and did not target the real criminals and led to Osama bin Laden becoming more confident in his attacks, as he knew that he could quickly get away with them.

So, the air of uncertainty surrounding this counter-strike has led to many questioning Biden’s abilities to counter the terrorists. This incident also makes us suspect the possible involvement of the Taliban in carrying out this attack by facilitating ISIS to surpass some of the security check-posts at the Kabul airport. But even if such a proposition were true, it would be challenging for the U.S. to hold the Taliban accountable, as it would lead to further bloodshed and chaos.