Joe Biden ‘Unintentionally Launches’ The Campaigns Of Donald Trump And GOP

After almost a year in office, Joe Biden has broken nearly every campaign promise he made. Promising to restore decency and unite the country, That his party is dividing and causing hate is conveniently ignored. Truth or facts never stop Democrats from peddling false narratives. Then we can stop the yelling and cool things down. Without unity, there is only bitterness and rage. Progress, only exhaustion. No nation, only chaos. In his inaugural speech on January 20, 2021, Biden said, “We are at a historic crossroads, and unity is the way forward.”

All he had to do was ensure that his administration members were respectful, empathetic, and conciliatory, especially to political opponents. The first anniversary of January 6 would have been an excellent time to “cool off.” On January 6, 2021, Biden and Harris should have acknowledged the unfortunate events. They should have stressed the importance of respectful disagreement without being vicious. They should have emphasized the country’s unity. Their speeches should have been like President Kennedy’s when he said, “Our most basic bond is our shared planet. We share the same air. We all value our kids’ future. And we’re all dead.” However, the opposite occurred.

They either don’t realize or care that their overstatements, meant to be virtuous, actually offend and hurt the real victims. Over 2,403 Americans died in the Pearl Harbor attack, and over 3000 were killed in the September 11 coordinated Islamic terror attacks. It left thousands orphaned, abandoned, and traumatized. Damage to the nation’s fabric was irreparable and permanent. It is an insult to the victims of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 to compare those heinous acts to the trespassing and aimless wandering protestors on January 6.

Comparing Trump’s America to Nazi Germany is insensitive to the millions of Jewish victims of persecution and genocide. Slavery and segregation victims deserve better than this.