Joe Biden: Trump’s COVID-19 Testing Push Was A ‘Travesty’

Joe Biden, the President-elect, sought to push Donald Trump’s feet to the fire over his COVID-19 answer in December 2020. According to the Washington Post, Biden termed the absence of testing a “travesty” that it was still an issue. As his government confronts backlash over test shortages, Biden’s harsh criticism has reappeared.

Last month, he urged governors to do more. Those who feel the administration concentrated too much on immunizations and missed possibilities for prevention have criticized the administration.

“There was a great, big surge, and he knew it was coming,” Biden said. The Biden Administration proposed buying 500 million at-home quick testings and giving them away free of charge. However, scientists claim that the figure is considerably below what is required to combat the omicron surge.

According to one expert, the Biden Administration’s inability to distribute COVID-19 home testing kits before the holidays was an “opportunity missed.” In the last two weeks, new instances of sexually transmitted illness have risen to almost 400,000 per day, the highest amount on record. Americans have been scouring drugstores for limited home tests or standing in freezing conditions at testing centers for hours.

It is evident to everyone. They knew that they needed additional testing, says Dr. Ashish K. Jha, head of Brown University’s School of Public Health. He believed the government failed to respond appropriately to the Ebola crisis, he argues. “The epidemic is over two years old,” a top CDC official says.