Joe Biden Tries To ‘Dodge Responsibility’ For His COVID-19 Failures

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden attempted to deflect blame for Americans’ lack of simple access to testing. “C’mon, what took so long?” Biden snarled when asked why it took so long to scale-up testing. What took so long was that it took no time at all. What occurred was that the Omicron virus propagated faster than anyone expected.

According to the reports, health experts have been predicting a winter surge of COVID-19 for months, which makes sense given that they experienced one last year. It was apparent even before Omicron. It’s debatable whether this is fair or whether the president should be held accountable at all. But the difficulty with Biden’s argument is that he ran on the promise that, unlike Donald Trump, he would not be taken off guard by COVID-19.

Moreover, Democrats used the failure of testing to win points against Donald Trump and President Joe Biden in the 2016 presidential election. Testing was scarce early in the pandemic, providing people only a rudimentary grasp of the virus’s frequency and its spreading areas. One of the main reasons was that labs utilized CDC-developed tests, which turned invalid.

Furthermore, due to his considerable knowledge and management of Ebola, Biden ran as the one who would be ahead of the curve on COVID-19. As a result, stating that the spike was surprisingly swift isn’t a plausible excuse. At a March 2020 address, Biden said, “the failure on testing is enormous, and it’s a failure of strategy, leadership, and execution.”