Joe Biden Lights The Standards He Guaranteed To Reestablish

According to the White House, the government wants to carry on as usual. The administration’s long-awaited vaccination requirement is currently being challenged in court. “People should keep moving forward and make sure their workplaces are vaccinated,” adds the deputy press secretary.

Karen Jean-Pierre’s was lawful in the abstract, but it was neither expected nor respectable in the real world. There’s a definite strategy at work here, and it’s somewhat of a habit for this administration. First, the White House declares that it is unable or unwilling to perform a particular action. Then, a close associate of the president proposes that there could be a loophole to exploit someplace. Finally, the president comes out swinging, hoping that by the time his edicts are overturned, the facts on the ground will have changed.

Furthermore, the Biden administration issued the order through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which has exclusive authority under the law to safeguard workers from job risks. Nothing in the Commerce Clause of the Constitution authorizes OSHA’s assumption of broad policing powers. No ETS has ever been this expansive in American history, and the courts overturned the previous one.

Joe Biden wanted to portray himself as the American order’s rescuer, yet he has broken the laws whenever he could. He admitted in August that reissuing a national ban on evictions would be unlawful, but he went ahead and did it anyway. Biden stated, “I am not running for office to be King of America,” but the evidence is in the pudding. His office claims he could not prolong the present injunction or restrict it to a more “targeted eviction moratorium.”

Because he is at ease acting like a king and understands that asking forgiveness is more superficial than asking permission, is it possible that DACA will be repealed? But its beneficiaries will be more challenging to deport by the time it is repealed. Were the monies used to build the border wall obtained illegally? Once the building work is completed, inform the contractors because he is at ease acting like a king and understands that asking forgiveness is simpler than asking permission. 

Americans should want leaders who will not, in the first instance, breach the rules. When it comes down to it, people believe President Biden will respect the decisions of the judicial branch. However, he breaks his oath by doing an action that he knows is illegal and then compels others to knock it down. When asked, Biden says, “I respect the Constitution.” Actions, as always, speak louder than words.