Joe Biden On McAuliffe’s Vanquish – ‘Don’t Blame Me’

Many Democrats are pointing fingers in the aftermath of the Virginia governor race, attempting to apportion responsibility for the result. Terry McAuliffe went down in flames despite having Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, and even Joe Biden campaigning for him, and it’s unclear whether he’ll ever be elected again.

On Wednesday, a reporter questioned President Joe Biden, “Do you take any responsibility, and do you think Terry McAuliffe would have won if your plan had passed before Election Day?” He added, “I’m not sure I could have changed the amount of really conservative people that showed up in the red areas.”

Even as his program fails to win over the American people, President Joe Biden refuses to accept how his low approval ratings have influenced the political landscape. When a reporter reminded us that Biden lost Pennsylvania by ten points to Donald Trump in 2016, Biden remarked, “He knew we did, but also he was running against Donald Trump.” In answer to a query on how his party might prevent another election defeat, Biden stated, “Well, I think we should create for the American people.”

Furthermore, Joe Biden’s popularity ratings have remained stable over the last month, with only 42% saying they approve of his performance as president. According to Gallup, Democrats have postponed the passage of two infrastructure proposals owing to internal disputes. Supply chain concerns, increasing prices, and labor shortages continue to affect the US economy.

According to Gallup polls, from the first quarter of his presidency to the third, Joe Biden’s approval has dropped most of any president since World War II. Barack Obama was the only other president to have a double-digit drop in approval over the same time, with a 10.1-point drop. Trump’s approval rating has dropped by only 4.4 percent.