Joe Biden Named Mitch Landrieu, Who Is Totally Incompetent, As His ‘Infrastructure Czar’

President Joe Biden has named Mitch Landrieu, the former mayor of New Orleans, “Infrastructure Czar.” The vast majority of the funding will be spent on non-infrastructural projects. New Orleans’ crime issue, particularly murders, has been raised due to a lack of police personnel. Due to an insufficient police force, over 75% of murders went unsolved during his final year in office.

He is best known for removing four historical monuments from their historical places, among other things. Despite his promise that they would find a new home, nothing has replaced them, and they remain in storage. Landrieu demolished the monuments to get national attention and maybe run for president. He also founded a deplorable non-profit to instill racial guilt in white people. Landrieu accomplished little to enhance New Orleans’ street conditions as mayor.

Moreover, Mitch Landrieu’s first significant blunder as mayor of New Orleans was to build an unneeded new airport. The $1.3 billion projects cost twice as much as he had pledged and took years longer to finish than expected. His unethical control of the Sewerage and Water Board was the worst feature of his tenure.

Landrieu served as president of the Sewerage and Water Board while mayor of New Orleans. This public utility has a critical role in many feet below sea level in a city. Unfortunately, his abysmal board governance resulted in devastating floods for the afflicted people.

Furthermore, a pair of rainstorms slammed New Orleans in August 2017, resulting in a catastrophic disaster. While the city was flooded, Mayor Landrieu met with his fellow leftists at an Aspen Institute meeting. He couldn’t be bothered to return to New Orleans, so he delegated responsibility for the problem to the inept Cedric Grant. Grant made a mockery of the flooding calamity by blaming it on climate change.

Mitch Landrieu could not handle $2 billion in FEMA funds and failed to manage a city budget of less than $700 million. It’s hard to imagine he can oversee $1.2 trillion in infrastructure spending. In addition, funds were squandered on an in-house power plant, which cost the company far more than electricity acquired from other local sources.