Joe Biden May DEFLECT, But Afghanistan Is His LEGACY Now

President Joe Biden spent last week in damage control mode after public opinion dropped in response to weaknesses and failures in the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Even though the president once promised back in December that he would not pursue vaccine mandates against his fellow Americans, he proclaimed over the week affecting 100 million American workers, requiring vaccines or a constant battery of testing to be enforced by OSHA.

And at the memorial sites for victims of 9/11, the president continued to deflect from what’s going on in Afghanistan when asked questions about it by the press pool.

He waved off wavering public opinion as political attacks on him personally, calculated to intimidate or sway him somehow. He had that sort of paranoid “vast rightwing conspiracy,” Hillary Clinton energy.

He said Al-Qaeda has been springing up everywhere, so what does it matter if it returns to Afghanistan after the U.S. is gone. That’s like your boss asking you why a project failed, and you say it doesn’t matter because that’s not the only project that failed.

Obviously, in the real world, any boss would fire an employee who did that and said that in response. But in the inside-out, upside-down, clown world that is Washington politics, that sort of answer passes muster for the president’s word on the matter, and that’s precisely the level of defense many professional pundits and journalists are playing for Biden and the Democrats most of the time. And the rank and file Democrats eat it up like candy.

Yes, Al-Qaeda has been springing up everywhere. In the absolutely, irreparably tangled up and irrational mess that is U.S. foreign military policy, the U.S. government, has fought alongside Al-Qaeda and supported it in the complex shifting alliances that characterize the civil wars happening in Syria and Yemen, where the U.S. has been relentlessly involved over the courts of the Trump and Obama administrations.

Not so long ago, the U.S. funded and armed Mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan with missiles and other weapons in a covert proxy war against the invading Soviet Union. The CIA facilitated the operation “Cyclone” as it was named, and funds were diverted to the purpose by Rep. Charlie Wilson (R-TX).

Joe Biden has been a U.S. senator for decades, with his name affixed to all these gargantuan annual National Defense Appropriations Acts, and authorizing all these war powers for the ever-expanding executive, and voting for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and awarding all these big defense contracts to military arms manufacturers.

He supported all of this and helped make it happen. Biden’s name is written all over it. He may deflect all he wants. He may even turn his fury on his people and treat “the unvaccinated,” as he calls millions of people like they’re some guilty class.

But that won’t erase Joe Biden’s legacy as a big government, tax and spend, warmongering narcissist who loves being in control of big government because it allows him to do his favorite thing at scale, force himself on people who don’t want it.