Joe Biden is Still Blocking Oil Drilling

Gas prices today are crushing Americans’ finances, hopes, and futures. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has let the nation (and the world) know that what US citizens are paying for gas isn’t all that concerning to him.

Biden admitted as much during a press conference in Spain. However, this isn’t all the president is doing. To this day, Biden will not back down on anti-energy policies that are sending gas prices through the rooftops.

Unfortunately, not only is the president refusing to back down, but he’s actually doubling down. In real-time, the White House is working on an agenda that would impede at least five years’ worth of oil drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The Worst Timing Ever
The US Interior Department recently confirmed that a plan to give the Biden administration room to seriously cut down lease sales and oil drilling is in motion.

Of course, this is being marketed as yet another initiative in favor of a “clean energy economy.” Sadly, as the federal government pushes these agendas, the actual economy is looking at a recession that’s potentially months away.

The consistent rise of gas prices alone has shown that “clean energy” initiatives are disastrous to the economy and everyday Americans. Yet, still, the White House is sticking by these policies with zero room for compromise.

If this plan to block even more oil drilling passes, energy suppliers will be in an even tighter bind than they face today. Ironically, the president continues to demand these companies drill oil as he pushes policies that make oil drilling less feasible.

Then, Biden turns around and tells the American public that oil suppliers are greedy price gougers.

A Greater Need For Oil Production
During Biden’s time at the G-7 summit in June, he was pulled to the side by the president of France.

Biden’s French counterpart let him know that plans to get more oil from Saudi Arabia would not work out. This is owing to the nation already reaching its limits regarding production.

As this revelation spread across social media, so did calls for Biden to begin working with energy suppliers here at home. Part of this work has to entail rolling back reforms that are hostile toward fracking, oil drilling, pipelines, and fossil fuels.

Doubling down on these failed reforms will only serve as Biden signing America’s symbolic death warrant.