Joe Biden Is Searching For A ‘New Normal’

Joe Biden and his advisers are devising a strategy to create a “new normal” that will include attempts to manage the coronavirus and encourage Americans to accept it. The Trump Administration had planned to cease pandemic emergency measures as early as July 2020. Before any immunizations were introduced, Trump recognized the situation that public health authorities around the country were facing.

Moreover, Biden and his senior health experts have already hinted at a coming “new normal,” in a deliberate message change to reassure people that the virus will stay widespread but at more controllable levels. The White House is hesitant of declaring victory too soon, lest another terrible version strike. Officials are also concerned that voters may be dissatisfied with the prospect of living with an endemic virus under a president who promised to eradicate it.

There will be no “new normal” until the government ceases to use public health as a tool for population control. According to the statistics, people no longer turn to the social pillars of groups, entities, organizations, and community institutions. A huge change is taking place in American culture across the board. Some can be seen positively but must represent a loss of faith in institutions.

During the epidemic, one-third of practicing Christians abandoned their faith entirely. People are quitting their news subscriptions for various reasons, not only to save money. Thirty percent of those polled indicated they did so “because of philosophy or politics.” Only 47% of the population believes in the American election system.

Furthermore, Biden lacks the creativity to accomplish what is required to restore a feeling of normalcy. Many radicals have risen to prominence due to his victory, intent on toppling the system they have been fighting against for the past 50 years. It implies that Biden and the Democrats are doomed in terms of politics. The system, culture, customs, manners, and mores that define the United States and its people are under attack at a never-before-seen level.