Joe Biden Is Planning To Fund International ‘Independent Media’ Using Taxpayers Money

President Joe Biden stated on Thursday that the United States would subsidize media outlets throughout the world to promote free expression internationally. During the International Summit for Democracy, he remarked where he was speaking to international leaders. The effort is part of the President’s Democratic Renewal Initiative.

President Joe Biden is establishing a campaign to promote free and independent media, fight corruption, and advance democracy via technology. The White House has produced an information sheet outlining the administration’s intentions for the project. Its goals are to support democratic reformers, improve democracy-related technology, and preserve free and fair elections and political processes.

According to Joe Biden’s budget plan, a multi-donor fund would be established to promote independent media, particularly in resource-poor and vulnerable areas. An additional $9 million would be provided by USAID to develop a worldwide defamation defense fund. According to the White House, the fund would protect the critical job of reporters against bogus legal claims aimed at silencing genuine activity.

Joe Biden also announced a $3.5 million investment in a “journalism protection platform” that would give at-risk journalists digital and physical security training, mental treatment, legal help, and other services. The funds are part of the United States’ pledge to sustain independent media worldwide. With “important seed money” from international leaders, the International Fund for Public Interest Media will be formed.

IFPIM is a new project from the Luminate Group, which aims to “empower people and institutions to construct a more just society.” According to a senior source in the Biden administration, the new project would work by supporting independent media, notably those led by and providing a voice to women and other oppressed groups.

According to its website, the Luminate Group has supported 348 groups in 17 countries with over $414 million in financing since its inception. The Omidyar Group, created by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife in 2018, founded the Luminate Group in 2018.