Joe Biden is Now Desperate to Increase His Approval Ratings

For months on end, Joe Biden’s approval ratings have been in the toilet.

Last year, Biden made it clear that he didn’t care about the polls or believe they were truly indicative of how Americans see him. Back in December, the president even went on national TV and said he quit paying attention to the polls after they reached certain lows.

Yet, with seven months remaining until the midterm elections, it appears that one of Biden’s handlers has told him he needs to start paying attention to polls again.

According to PJ Media, the president is walking back his previous climate change advocacy to increase his approval ratings.

A Reality Check For Biden

With his national disapproval rating getting close to 60%, it’s finally dawning on the president that his party will badly lose the midterms in November.

This explains why Biden is now trying to lower the costs of gas by providing 15% ethanol fuel to gas stations throughout the summer. It’s worth noting that the Clean Air Act has banned this sort of fuel for just about ten years now.

Of course, when the White House announced this new 15% ethanol fuel policy, they framed it as a measure to “address the pain” being felt by everyday folks across the country.

The Biden administration also repeated the lie that a “Putin price hike” is the culprit for rising prices in the United States. In reality, consumer prices have been soaring for close to 12 months now, thanks to all the spending bills passed on Biden’s watch.

Finally, the 15% ethanol fuel being supplied to gas stations comes weeks after Biden warned that GOP wins in November would cause “sadness” for the country.

Not Good Enough

Amid all the rises in gas prices, the Biden administration has repeatedly refused to embrace the one policy that could nip this in the bud once and for all.

This policy involves the unleashing of America’s domestic energy production. The White House continues refusing to do this because it doesn’t fit with their agenda of a Green New Deal and electric vehicles for all.

Had Biden not rolled back the energy policies set up by the Trump administration, gas prices would not be where they are today.

If Biden was truly serious about alleviating Americans’ pain (and not just trying to increase his poll numbers), he would have unleashed US energy production weeks ago.

Though, in November, voters will finally have the chance to hold this president accountable.