Joe Biden Is Not The Charismatic Leader Of The Democrat Party

If aliens landed on the Whitehouse lawn and asked the Democrats, “take me to your leader,” where would they go?

Joe Biden may be launching policies that will destroy the American middle class and damage our interests abroad, but he has no grand ambition. He is not in charge of his mental faculties, let alone his administration or this nation.

At the G7, Biden related a story about the typical liberal perceptions of international responses toward America. He thinks that he can restore American leadership while undercutting her values and credibility. Does anyone believe that Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Mario Draghi, Yoshihide Suga, Boris Johnson, Ursula von der Leyen, and Charles Michel were impressed with President Joe Biden’s elucidations?

Biden recounted his conversation, “I walked in and I said, ‘America’s back’ and they go, I’m serious, heads of state. I give you my word as a Biden. They said, ‘Are you back? We believe you, Joe. But will the country ever get it together.’” Where is the tape? Probably with Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Is Biden in a position to prohibit Germany from securing a strategic energy partnership with Russia? The same Russia that supposedly worked behind the scenes to destabilize our election and hack our oil pipelines.

Under Donald Trump, our NATO allies of France, Germany, and England were required to pay their freight. Rather than simply giving them money to defend themselves, Trump demanded respect and negotiated a more equitable arrangement. Of course, the European strategy of “let’s wait and see” gave them Joe Biden and the chance to forestall paying any bills themselves.

Will Biden be able to check the ambitions of Iran, Russia, or China? Or will he leave them an open path toward regional hegemony?

Biden will not hold Germany accountable, which emboldens Russia. Biden will easily forgive France for violating their NATO commitments and allow them to rebuild relationships in the Middle East. Biden is more concerned about government contracts than any economic connections between the United Kingdom and China.

Joe Biden seems to think that China is his friend. When Donald Trump said he and Xi Jinping had a “great” relationship before the COVID-19 pandemic, it meant he felt he had them in check. When Joe Biden called Xi Jinping a “good guy” at the recent CNN town hall, it sounded more like an underling talking about his toxic boss.

Our nation’s foreign policy swings on two hinges, Republican’s “peace through strength” and Democrats “leading from behind.” The top hinge is broken right now, and the door is coming off, which means the house is wide-open, and anyone can walk right in.