Joe Biden is Not Being Honest About America’s Deficit

Endless federal spending is increasingly embraced by Democrats. Despite the horrific consequences this inflicts upon the national deficit and the economy at large, left-wing officials always have new packages they want to get passed.

The spending that came from the American Rescue plan played a significant role in current inflation. Yet, officials and allies of the Biden administration continue to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with COVID, for problems the US economy faces.

During this month alone, Biden’s come under fire for statements he’s made about the economy that aren’t rooted in accuracy whatsoever. Now, his latest prediction about the US deficit has Americans shaking their heads.

A Failed Attempt to One-Up Trump
On Friday, Biden rattled off a series of talking points about the economy under his leadership. After dismissing GOP criticism over his spending levels, Biden claimed an “explosion” of the national deficit took place during the Trump administration.

From here, the current president said the nation is on course to observe a $1.7 trillion reduction in the deficit before 2023.

This is deeply misleading. For one thing, when Biden’s American Rescue Plan passed in 2021, it triggered an approximate $2.1 trillion deficit. Secondly, this spending bill also caused the deficit to rise, along with inflation.

Later on Friday, the president neglected to mention a key Congressional Budget Office estimation that speaks volumes about the deficit.

It’s projected to reach a staggering $1 trillion; this just so happens to be greater than the $984 million deficit during 2019, under Trump and before COVID hit.

Once again, the president and his administration continue to deceive the American public with half-truths and the intentional omission of critical details. The policies of Biden and the Democrat Party have been far from fiscally sound or reasonable.

The Ugly Truth About the National Deficit
As long as the Biden administration and congressional Democrats remain committed to heavy spending, the deficit will continue to suffer accordingly.

Republicans, meanwhile, have been calling out the inherently deceptive nature of Biden’s arguments about the national deficit.

Having a GOP-led Congress would be the first step toward truly bringing down the national deficit. Without backup in the House and Senate, Biden will be severely limited in what spending bills he can actually pass.

All things considered, it’s no wonder that polls show very strong public support for GOP candidates to win the midterms this fall.