Joe Biden Is Losing His Popularity

Joe Biden is losing support among Latinos, suburban voters, independents, young people, women, and a significant percentage of black male voters. Even Progressives can’t stand Joe Biden, indicating that the rot has permeated the core. Inflation, violent crime, job competition from illegal immigrants, and the colossal Afghanistan withdrawal are all hurting old Joe’s popularity ratings.

Joe Biden gets 37% support and 54% disapproval in a Civiqs survey. That’s worse than the Trafalgar Group survey and the RealClearPolitics average. Civiqs churn out demographics by the barrel load, and few of them offer Biden cause to rejoice. In contrast to recent polls, Biden leads Hispanics 50/39, and just 66% of black Americans approve of his job performance.

“To appease the AOC mob, he tossed blacks, women, independents, Latinos, suburbanites, and others over the edge.” Gas prices are at an all-time high. Bye-bye, energy self-sufficiency. Drilling by the federal government has been banned for the sake of “becoming green.” A major pipeline was shut down with a flick of Joe’s pen. As a result, even progressives can’t take him anymore. In a way, this is quite a display of ungratefulness.
Moreover, Joe Biden’s unsuccessful attempt to pass Build Back Better through Congress appears to have enraged progressives. They got their “infrastructure,” which has caused all of our inflation. They’ll be against Joe until they can get amnesty for illegals, a Green New Deal, an IRS hiring binge, and all the other horrible things in that bill enacted.

Joe Biden cheated his way to the presidency by selling his soul. To appease the left, he converted every “moderate” viewpoint into a radical one. Even the rump left turned on him as he smacked the wall with BBB. That’s why their noses are out of joint, implying that almost everyone despises Biden.