Joe Biden Is Forcing Democrats To Vote Against Russia Oil Ban

Joe Biden has been boasting about how strong he is on Russia since Putin launched an offensive in Ukraine. The sanctions placed on Russia by Biden and most European nations are the harshest in history. They include removing Russia from the SWIFT financial transaction network.

According to the reports, the United States does not buy much oil from Russia, but a ban would create a precedent for other countries to stop importing Russian oil. Senators Joe Manchin and Lisa Murkowski’s measure is collecting co-sponsors and momentum. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi supports such a prohibition, which could easily pass.

Moreover, Biden wants the oil embargo “in his hip pocket” in an emergency. A prohibition might result in increased gas costs in some areas of the United States and rising inflation, a significant issue for Biden. It may also compel other nations to follow suit, skyrocketing global oil prices. Russia, the world’s third-largest oil producer, exports most crude oil to Europe and Asia.

President Joe Biden thinks the United States must maintain a “steady supply” of global energy rather than limit Russian shipments into the US. “They are looking at measures that they can take right now,” said Head of the Council of Economic Advisors Cecilia Rouse. It appears to be a reversal from the White House’s initial disdain of legislative proposals to ban Russian oil for American refiners.

Therefore Joe Biden has no right to be upset about rising gas prices because he campaigned on reducing domestic supplies and boosting costs. Gas prices will rise regardless of the conflict, but that isn’t important to him right now. His political survival is. Many more regular Americans are outraged over $4-per-gallon gas than greens who believe Biden is doing all possible to rescue the earth.