Joe Biden Is An ‘Incompetent’ And ‘Failing’ President

Former President Barack Obama has made a joke about Joe Biden during the 2020 primaries after his terrible first year in office. “Don’t underestimate Joe’s potential to f*ck things up,” he should have warned, and no one will doubt his ability to do so after this first year.

The embattled Oval Office occupant was meant to get an unofficial reset during the previous two weeks. Joe Biden’s attempts to push his so-called “voting rights” measure through two obstinate Democratic senators and project a sense of personal competence have failed. According to Biden, the strength and resolve of the whole Western alliance are challenged by Russian strongman Vladimir Putin over Ukraine. Neither Biden nor NATO has shown much resolve or strength thus yet.

Moreover, Biden has been losing Hispanic votes, is now losing black voters, and not even a third of all American voters want him to be the nominee in 2024. Meanwhile, the stock market has gone bearish, gas prices have risen, food prices have risen dramatically, and a transportation problem has erupted due to Biden’s vaccination requirement.

People despised it if they went out and promoted it incorrectly. According to Axelrod, Inflation is an issue that individuals are aware of in their daily lives. They don’t want to know how far they’ve come or how well we’ve done. They’ll know when they’ve made progress because they’ll feel it, so don’t try to sell them something they won’t believe.

According to ABC News, “Democrats turn on each other as Biden agenda stalls,” and “Democrats turn on each other as Biden agenda stalls.” CNN’s political operation chief warned last week that the White House political operation is going into the midterms unprepared and unresponsive to even bare pleas for support or information.

In the Washington Examiner’s weekly roundup, left-leaning pollster John Zogby rated Biden a “C”; he did cause controversy with a mistake regarding Russia’s danger in Ukraine. The Gentleman’s C is a long-standing, if not always respectable, custom. Professors usually give it to a not-so-smart family scion who comes up for class, does the work (or at least seems to do it), and generally behaves well. Biden didn’t simply “draw criticism” over Ukraine: he sparked a massive White House scramble, demonstrating his lack of preparedness and seriousness in the process.