Joe Biden Is All Set For His Next Ruthless Move

Since he said it yesterday, Joe Biden’s admission that the COVID-19 epidemic can’t be fixed at the federal level has dominated the news, and the President’s humiliation has only grown since then. Joe Biden’s speech on gun control was about as good as one might anticipate. But, Biden would not be able to end federal tyranny. He’s invested too much, and he’s still the same senile, far-left character he used to be.

If his medical team recommends it, President Joe Biden says he would make it mandatory for Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19 before traveling domestically. When asked when he would decide on domestic travel vaccination requirements, Biden answered when he got a recommendation from the medical staff.

Over the weekend, Dr. Anthony Fauci called attention to the move. “Anything that might increase vaccination rates is desirable,” he added. A necessity for vaccines to board an aircraft is merely another way to get people immunized.

Omicron has already spread to all 50 states and is quickly growing, with the country experiencing its most extensive caseload of the epidemic only yesterday. Limiting internal travel to just those who have been vaccinated is not only unlawful and oppressive, but it will also do little to stop the virus from spreading. Besides, due to the regular filtering of the air, airliners are exceptionally low-risk settings, as has been demonstrated several times.

Joe Biden is on vacation in Delaware, allegedly outsourcing the job he was elected to do to a group of unelected bureaucrats. What is the point of having a president if this is how things will go? They should forgo the billions of money spent on elections and all the political bickering and surrender to our new overlords, led by the sainted Dr. Fauci, may his soul rest in peace.

No matter what his “medical team” said, if Joe Biden had any leadership characteristics, he’d be blasting down this stupid proposal. Instead, he likes to pretend to be President without actually being President. That’s simply another consequence of installing a senile old guy in the White House who has never indeed led anything.