Joe Biden Insulted Americans And Made Ridiculous Claim About The Russians

That’s wonderful if he’s Grandpa Joe, playing with the grandchildren, but not so much if he’s the highest office in the nation. President Joe Biden conducted his fourth cabinet meeting since assuming office on Thursday. He stated that they will talk about “their initiatives to cut prices for Americans, their unifying agenda, and more.” When he declared “unity agenda,” there was bound to be a question, given that he’s been anything but uniting during his presidency.

According to the reports, Kamala Harris was directly behind him, feverishly mouthing “Ukrainians,” with “oh, my” written all over her face. At the same time, Biden said Russians were shooting missiles “indiscriminately into Russian cities.”

Moreover, Joe Biden has a habit of belittling Americans for having the foresight to not be enamored with him, for expressing the truth about how horrible they believe he is in surveys, or for challenging his beliefs. In November, he said that Americans didn’t realize his fantastic job because of “psychological wounds” left by the pandemic. This recent comment is a variation on the same disdain of American views.

Joe Biden is still paying for Russian oil, which means he may not want to cut it off soon since it may harm the United States, where prices are already rising due to his dumb energy policies. He’s the one who increased our reliance on them by increasing our dependence on Russian oil.

Joe Biden’s response on whether or not he would enhance US manufacturing of foreign-made weapons was incorrect. Still, he could have replied he wouldn’t because he is opposed to domestic production, an illogical position to hold and one that, as people can see, is destructive to national security. His press secretary messed up the response to the question, and he doesn’t dare to address it since they know they don’t have a meaningful answer. But he might at least say, “He’s going to strive to replace it with increased American manufacturing.”