Joe Biden Has ‘Zero’ Political Capital, So Grandpa Stompy Foot Has To Work

David Chipman’s nomination to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms was withdrawn by the White House. He will no longer serve as Director of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Bureau. The Biden administration started the experienced ATF agent’s nomination after determining he lacked the required votes. It is terrific news for America’s Second Amendment rights because President Joe Biden assumed dictatorial powers yesterday. However, Biden is aware that it is unlawful as well as unenforceable. As a result, he was convinced to seek assistance from OSHA, the Department of Labor’s vaccine enforcement arm.

Moreover, by the establishment media, Joe Biden transitioned from “let’s work together” towards “unifier in chief” upon his election as United States President. As Political Commentator Lisa Boothe warns, vaccine mandates will not be the end of it. Biden advocated against mandatory COVID vaccinations in December. President-elect Biden has run out of patience with those who refuse to receive the COVID vaccine. Whiplash can occur as a result of not seeing the signs. Numerous people did. Joe Biden no longer possesses political capital. His acceptance rating ranges from 36% to 45%, depending on the poll. Conversely, Afghanistan is unlikely to improve if this stink bomb is dropped down the drain.

However, Joe believes this is an appropriate moment to campaign for California Governor Hair Gel, who, while Americans are entirely truthful, is Biden’s puppet for dictatorial control. Americans are actively killed in Afghanistan by the Taliban. On the other hand, California has been a hotbed for progressive policies under Newsom and Biden. Additionally, on Aug. 26, 13 US servicemen and numerous Afghans were murdered in a terrorist assault in Afghanistan; 58 percent of Californians approve of Biden’s job performance, according to a survey. Polling conducted by the dubious PPIC and advice from Biden’s managers could not be more incorrect. California residents are included in the number of those currently stuck in Afghanistan.

As a result, avoid succumbing to the hype. Los Angeles and San Francisco are simply a tiny part of the story. Republican governors, as well as those with the financial resources and infrastructure, are already preparing lawsuits. Rather than zombies, people more scared of extremists as well as the intellectual class, those who cheer on the Constitution’s misuse or, worse, find ways to rationalize it. They have irritated Americans more than a politician who is susceptible to removal or legal neutering. Consequently, if Americans cherish freedom, peace, and security, then they must arm themselves.