Joe Biden Has ‘Still Got’ Some Supporters

Since last year’s disastrous Afghanistan pullout, Joe Biden’s popularity ratings have sunk like the Titanic. According to poll after poll, Americans have become dissatisfied with Biden’s Administration. Even with activist media interfering on his behalf, the chief executive cannot reclaim his previous support.

According to Gallup, 17% of Americans feel the country is on the right track. That’s Joe Biden’s lowest approval rating in his first year in office, and it also happens to be his lowest job approval rating. In addition, the study indicated that 18% of members of Congress approve of their jobs and that economic confidence is falling.

According to a recent poll from The Washington Post/ABC News, only 4% of Americans are “very pleased” with the country’s direction under President Joe Biden. Only 30% of Democrats were content with the country’s direction, while only 13% of Republicans were. Despite this, most Americans expressed satisfaction with their personal life.

According to a Washington Post poll, barely a quarter of Americans feel President Biden is leading the country in the right path. The survey was one of the most devastating to come out during Biden’s time in the White House. Moreover, it’s hardly surprising that the great majority of Americans are concerned about where America is headed under his leadership, given his multiple failures and the fact that most people can tell he has apparent cognitive impairments.

Kamala Harris has proved incompetent comes as a concern given her proximity to the presidency. It’s also worth noting that Americans’ judgments of Vice President Harris, particularly if they’re negative, may influence their views on the country’s future.

Therefore, voters are likely to return the House to the Republicans to prevent Democrats from wreaking even more havoc. Democrats have been unable to do much despite having complete control of the White House and Congress. The issue is whether the GOP will have a plan this time. Is it going to be more of the same?