Joe Biden Has Said the Quiet Part Out Loud

It’s been said on various occasions that Democrats never allow a good crisis to go to waste.

In layman’s terms, this means Democrats have a tendency to use times of hardship to push their own agendas. This is playing out right now across the nation.

As gas prices are as high as $8 per gallon in some cities, members of Biden’s administration are telling folks to start driving electric vehicles. This, coincidentally, goes hand-in-hand with the anti-energy Green New Deal agenda of the left.

This past Monday, Biden sat down with multiple CEOs of food, energy and other sectors for a conversation about the present war in Europe and its impacts. During this time, the president made a comment about a “New World Order” that has the entire country talking, as reported by Red State.

The “New World Order” in Biden’s Terms

For years, there have been conspiracy theories that sinister leaders in different governments are working toward implementing a “New World Order.”

Biden’s words on Monday are a serious confirmation of these suspicions. The current president expressly stated the world is “shifting” and with this “shift” will come a “New World Order.”

Biden’s remarks about the approaching “New World Order” also involved him claiming that “an inflection point” is here.

The “New World Order” in Reality

At the end of the day, tyranny and control are the pinnacles of Biden’s “New World Order.”

Leaders have already been working to bring this about. Look no further than the push for everyone to accept the “new normal” of mandatory masking, COVID vaccine mandates and staying a mandatory six-feet from others.

The best counters to tyranny and control are resistance and freedom. With leaders’ work to implement their agenda across the world, there’s also been some pushback.

Look no further than the Canadian truckers who demonstrated for weeks to end the Soviet-styled vaccine mandates imposed by their government.

Here in America, Republican leaders were joined by religious and business groups in halting Biden’s attempts to put through a nationwide COVID vaccine mandate for workers employed by large companies.

In January, the Supreme Court ended Biden’s nationwide vaccine mandate.

Biden and others who would love to see a New World Order, in which they would be the decision makers, are not done trying to bring this reality about. Whether or not they succeed is going to depend on everyday people who are willing to take a stand, resist tyranny and be defenders of freedom.