Joe Biden Goes To Baltimore To ‘Bow At The Sacrificial Table Of Climate Change’

Sean Hannity of the Hannity Show has recently slammed Joe Biden for his speech at the port of Baltimore. He suggested that the economy of the United States is going into recovery and that it’s all misinformation surrounding the strength of the US supply chain. Hannity gave a detailed overview of how Americans are being impacted negatively amid his reckless policies and how he is of the bigger picture.

The host stated that the working class is watching their dollars turning worthless, the commodity prices going up, and the gas prices hiking with the winter coming up. He mocked Biden for his radicalized Green Deal Socialist policies that have done nothing but destroy the economy he inherited. In a pandemic, he canceled the multi-national Keystone XL Pipeline, proving that he ultimately bowed at the altar of the New Green Deal Socialism. It seems that Biden has lost interest in the fact that everything is a lot more expensive or the daily quality of life of the people is falling, or that money in their banks is now worth a lot less. All he cares for is the opinion of the wealthy and well-connected New Green Deal Socialist visionaries. Hannity talked with proof, sharing highlights of Biden for everything he slammed him for.  

While claiming that the socio-economic overhaul Build Back Better bill would not cost a single penny, he stated that the supply chain crunch is because people want to order more stuff while staying at home during the pandemic. If this isn’t the most idiotic thing to say, then I don’t know what is. He is telling people to stop buying goods while they are at home, not earning. He has been warned repeatedly about his green policies from the start, and now the impacts are showing.