President Joe Biden, Big Pharma, And Your Child

The necessity for such vaccination in children has yet to be determined with certainty. As we all know, children are the least likely to spread, contract, or infect others. Why compel their helpless parents to administer vaccination with unknown adverse effects to their offspring?

This oppressive, authoritarian dictatorship has chosen the strangle of mandates and constant public service advertisements that are highly problematic to compel parents and others to vaccinate its innocent victims, despite the science, which is well known and recognized. The pharma corporations are accountable to the market, which has mandated that the whole population be vaccinated under the current unwholesome and ridiculous administration.

Moreover, teenage males in Israel have had many adverse effects, including myocarditis, which would not have been a concern if they had not been pushed into vaccines. Pfizer offered vaccinations accessible first and in large quantities, provided Israel agreed to be the first data-gathering guinea pigs for their new vaccines.

The present treatments haven’t been in the pipeline long enough to guarantee that the shot or shots will have no adverse side effects in the long run. Even if harmful incidents have some meaning, they are not conclusive in the long arc of lives lived in various ways.

While the question is why 24,000 fine, hardworking first responders should be furloughed without pay unless they comply with the harsh dictates of a plainly handicapped and barely believable doddering placeholder left-wing president being influenced behind the scenes by unknown people with their agendas? Why should a black physician try to persuade black would be armies to submit? The following warning from the darkest depths of our lifetime’s worst president is startlingly distasteful and, as we’ve indicated, perhaps more than worrying to outright menacing.