Joe Biden Begins The Bid To Rewrite The History Of His ‘Bloody Botched’ Afghan Exit

What is written and acted upon is a fact. There’s no changing history, only learning from it. To re-write it or run from it is weak and unacceptable. The American people are watching.

There’s a reason that Germans want to keep Auschwitz as a memorial. They don’t only want to remember the victims of the Holocaust, but they want to remember the actions of Adolf Hitler so that they’re never repeated. Responsibility and accountability must be at the forefront of the conversation to gain the trust of the country. President Joe Biden telling the American people that he did everything he could, executed the plan to the best of the military’s capabilities, or anything similar is an excuse and simply untrue. Just ask Tim Kennedy, a veteran, and Mixed Martial Arts practitioner. He, and others, are currently doing what the United States military isn’t allowed to do. They’re rescuing Afghans and Americans from Kabul, Afghanistan because the Taliban will execute them at their earliest convenience.

History will remember the withdrawal from Afghanistan in whatever way the history books write it, but America knows. Americans are hurt and affected by the actions of the Biden administration. Not only with Afghanistan, but with Covid-19, with the mandatory vaccine, and with future endeavors Biden decides to undertake.

According to Biden, over 100,000 refugees and American citizens have been evacuated, but who knows the actual number. Military personnel can only watch the chaos, and at least 14 military members have died from the withdrawal. It’s a bloody escape for the United States, and it didn’t have to happen this way. Biden could have begun the evacuation of American citizens and Afghan’s months ago but decided to wait until the last minute to start. No contingency plan or consideration for further details, or at least that’s the way it seems.

The Taliban agreed to terms with Biden for the safe evacuation, but the Taliban hasn’t upheld their end of the bargain. Checkpoints have been set up in almost every entry point to Kabul, Afghanistan, where the United States is evacuating people. The Taliban has biometric devices to determine who has worked with the United States government by retina scans. They’re being executed.

Who expected the Taliban to uphold their end of the bargain in the first place? They’re the same group that rapes women and forces them to be sex slaves. Do you think they care about human rights? Biden does.

As many times as Biden says he doesn’t trust the Taliban, he can’t hide from his actions. His senile mental capability might try to make you believe otherwise, but the entire process is available on social media platforms, so follow along and don’t believe everything you hear.