Joe Biden “Avoiding Tough Questions” By Reading From A List Of Journalists To Call On

While speaking with reporters at his news conference on Wednesday, Joe Biden looked to take the easy way out. Rather than calling on persons from the audience, the president read from a list of journalists to call on. So far, he’s enlisted the help of journalists from the Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, ABC News, New York Times, and others. Although neither Fox News nor Newsmax has been summoned, no one should hold their breath.

One former White House spokesperson described the news conference as “all niceties, no pushback!” “It’s one thing if Russia launches a little incursion. It’s quite another if Russia launches a massive incursion,” she explained. Despite some back-and-forth between the President and reporters, the conference has mainly felt ineffective. Given that Russia is considering an invasion of Ukraine, there has been a lot of emphasis on Russia, but there hasn’t been much focus on domestic policy.

President Joe Biden believes he would never have been permitted to get away with choosing reporters’ softball questions and then reading them out loud. He says, “Unfortunately, the media has mainly played along.” Although this was meant to be a refresh of the President’s communications strategy, it appears that he is repeating the same talking lines.

The news conference was also held when most Americans were still at work, or it should say most Republicans are still at work. He leaves them to fend for themselves after extorting as much as they can from Ukraine. Joe invites individuals he knows will ask him questions he already knows the answers to and won’t ask him tough questions about genuine problems Joe Biden has created. He wants an echo chamber for his news conference. It’s a form of propaganda.