Joe Biden Announces His ‘New’ COVID Measures

Joe Biden will speak about his “new” COVID measures. The government published a paper this morning that had a lot of the same information. Nothing on this list appears to make a difference, and the evidence does not support the necessity to fight Omicron in this manner.

Biden’s State of the Union address is a strange combination of stolen credit and humble-bragging. It credits the existing federal stockpile of masks and ventilators to the “President’s leadership” at one time. Those stocks, however, were constructed mainly by the previous administration. Claims about deploying FEMA and bringing in 1,000 troops to aid personnel shortages are other add-ons.

Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech is chock-full of familiar talking themes, but the final statement in the measures astounds me. Two weeks ago, the White House declared that handing out at-home examinations was costly and wasteful of resources. Biden is announcing that 500 million quick tests will be sent to American families.

Are they going to go back to mass testing of asymptomatic people after all this time? Because case counts indicate a point of control for the government, this is how you keep the epidemic continuing indefinitely. The more instances they have, the more reason they have for punitive “mitigation” and power grabs.

Moreover, Joe Biden states that handing out test kits to random individuals would not bring the epidemic to a stop, but stressing about case statistics will. Virus infections are continuously increasing in countries worldwide that have imposed strict quarantine and lockdown measures. At this time, it is clear that separating individuals will not halt the infection.

The whole idea seems to be another zero COVID hallucination. FEMA was already in place, and the paper notes that they’d been collaborating with hospitals throughout the outbreak. The remainder of these initiatives amounts to further showmanship on the White House, which is far more concerned with seeming to be doing something than with enacting policies that make sense.