Joe Biden Announced A Completely ‘Insensitive Statement’ About Electric Cars

President Joe Biden said he would purchase a new fleet of vehicles for government employees. To be accurate, 600,000 automobiles, all of which are electric. Although 82 percent of Americans spend more than the sticker price for autos, Biden elected to acquire all-electric vehicles.

According to Edmunds, 82 percent of Americans who bought a car from a dealership spent more than the sticker price in the previous year. It is 276 times what it will be in 2020: By May, the trend rose steadily until 82 percent in January 2022. In 2021, Ford witnessed an average $163 increase in MSRP. However, one Seattle lady told the Washington Post that a hybrid pick-up truck would cost her $12,000.

According to the reports, Inflation and supply shortages are wreaking havoc on the auto industry just as they are on the rest of the economy, and Americans are probably not feeling the love. Many of them are hopeful that their aging vehicles will last another year or two. The government of Joe Biden is focused on the benefits of green energy, which will benefit all appropriate people. As a result, this tweet reeked like a nasty odor from the White House.

They don’t reduce pollution; they remove it from the automobile’s exhaust pipe. Their electrical infrastructure can’t handle any more electric automobiles, and it doesn’t even consider the fact that they’re stranded if their electric car runs out of energy. One-gallon petrol can rescue them.

Nicolae Ceaușescu’s balcony in Bucharest will long remain a symbol of elite illiteracy. Even in the face of impending doom, a particular sort of dictator will never be able to see the final volley coming. In the most Western world, the neoliberal political elite appears to have the same problem. A recurring theme has been the inability to accept not merely to people but themselves what they’re dealing with, from Brexit to Donald Trump’s win to the arrival of thousands of Canadian truckers in Ottawa to confront Trudeau.