Jimmy Kimmel Faces ‘Backlash’ After Comparing BTS To COVID-19

Jimmy Kimmel of ABC has been chastised for equating BTS, a Korean pop band, to COVID-19. Ashley Park told Jimmy Kimmel about her surprise and delight when members of the BTS band posted a videotape of her performing their famous song “Dynamite” from an episode of the show Emily in Paris.

Park, a Korean musician, initially felt she had BTS fever since she is a huge admirer. The next day, she discovered she was infected with the coronavirus, which causes vomiting and diarrhea. Kimmel cautioned her, “You’re lucky to make it out alive.”

Moreover, Jimmy Kimmel has been equating boy bands to the coronavirus on his show. He claims that one sort of boy band is “so infectious that it wipes out all life on Earth.” “The new version is thought to be so contagious that none of them should be here,” Kimmel says.

He claims that there were “major ones” like Backstreet Boys and NSYNC in the early 2000s and lesser groups like O-Town and 98 Degrees. One Direction eventually became “so viral, and it destroys all life on Earth,” he claims.

Furthermore, fans quickly pointed out that he was most likely alluding to BTS fever, as he had made a joke about it the week before. “They’re sick and tired of the way people make jokes like this so nonchalantly,” one Twitter user commented.

“No media coverage exposing Jimmy Kimmel’s racist, xenophobic slurs about Asians. They don’t know how he gets away with it every single time,” one Twitter user commented. Another added, “Too bad @ABC continues to run racist take after racist take from Jimmy Kimmel.” “It’s obvious why they can’t get BTS on their shows or for interviews,” remarked a third.

One Twitter user remarked, “Jimmy Kimmel is an ugly racist white dude.” This man can’t even show basic courtesy to his Asian visitors. Another added, “He has to remain away from Asian people and never talk again.” Another stated that BTS has spoken out against the bigotry and xenophobia they’ve faced throughout their almost decade-long existence.