Jim Jordan Says ‘Fourteen FBI Agents’ Have Come Forward As ‘Whistleblowers’ in the Past Few Months

During an appearance on Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now” on Friday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) revealed that fourteen FBI agents have come forward as whistleblowers over the past few months, and vowed to “continue to work with” those whistleblowers as the GOP investigates the politicization of the bureau.

In his interview with Newsmax, Jordan argued that the raid on former President Donald Trump’s estate showed a “double standard” at the Department of Justice.

“Where’s the stuff they took from President Trump’s office?” Jordan asked.

“Remember, you gotta view this in context. It was just a year ago when we learned that the Justice Department was treating moms and dads as domestic terrorists,” the Ohio congressman continued.

“And then of course, the big news… the unprecedented thing that happened this week was the raid on the personal residence of the former president of the United States of America and likely candidate for the Republican Party in 2024. At least, I hope he’s the candidate,” Jordan added.

“So, this is truly dangerous, frightening times,” he noted.

Jordan went on to reveal that the GOP has been hearing from whistleblowers within the FBI over the past few months regarding the politicization of the bureau.

“We’ve had fourteen agents — fourteen FBI agents — come to our office in the past few months, come to our office as whistleblowers, telling us all the ridiculous things, political things that are going on at the Justice Department. So that tells me to be skeptical of what they’re saying,” he said.

The Newsmax reporter later asked Jordan what actions Republicans plan to take to investigate the circumstances surrounding the raid “both in the present and perhaps if Republicans win back the majority in November.”

“Right now, we’re going to continue to work with the whistleblowers. They’re coming forward with credible evidence… They’re brave individuals coming forward and telling us this is what’s going on at our Justice Department, where it’s supposed to be equal treatment under the law,” the Ohio congressman responded.

“It’s supposed to be one standard, not this double standard that we’ve become now all-too familiar with, so we’ll continue to do that,” he added. “We’ll continue to ask for information, will continue to demand that they come talk to us.”

Jordan also made sure to mention that he spoke with Trump on “Monday night and he was in great, great spirits in spite of what just happened at his home.”