Jill Biden Promotes An Organization To Help Illegal Immigrants Avoid Arrest And Deal With ICE

The first lady, Jill Biden, attended an event to promote a donor’s non-profit that trains illegal immigrants to avoid getting detained in the United States. People are curious about how concerned the Biden White House is about the border. Look no further.

President Joe Biden paid a visit to El Centro. This non-profit advises illegal immigrants on avoiding deportation if captured by border officials such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. Irene Caudillo, whose charity arm has produced a series of films instructing illegal immigrants to evade arrest, runs the private school.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, El Centro has received funding from UnidosUS, an activist group dedicated to advancing critical race theory in K-12 schools. Caudillo is a member of the board of Revolution Educative, an organization that supports critical race theory as an “essential” framework for students.

According to Fox Business, border ranchers are being “pummeled” by the border crisis, with many “fearing for their lives.” President Joe Biden paid a visit to El Centro last Tuesday and boasted about it on Twitter. It does not reflect well on the Biden administration, especially when state officials are forced to take matters into their own hands to safeguard the border.

According to recent reports, private charter flights under the supervision of the US State Department are flying underage migrants from Central America into New York in the middle of the night. It’s also apparent that rather than attempting to stop it, they’re embracing it. If people are hoping that the Biden administration would take the matter seriously, they will be disappointed.