Jennifer Siebel Newsom Is The Worst Kind Of ‘Feminist’

We’ve seen men like Joss Whedon who claim to be Feminists only to hide behind the title to get away with their despicable behavior towards women. But it’s the females claiming to be feminists to dismiss such acts as the worst. For her contributions in the film industry, Siebel Newsom has been known for excusing the disgusting behaviors of men like Andrew Cuomo and are potential enablers of their piggish acts.

Following the Harvey Weinstein 2017 sexual abuse scandal, actor Rose McGowan made a shocking claim after almost four years on Dave Rubin’s show that Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, arranged a lunch for McGowan to ask her what’s it going to take for her to stay silent about Weinstein’s propensities to which she straight up told her to eff off. The claim is not a small one considering both belong to the same industry, but people wondered why Newsom got McGowan to stay quiet. It so happens that Newsom’s sister is married to Jonathan Schiller, the law partner of David Boies, who was Weinstein’s attorney at the time. Boies himself is a pretty renowned Democrat server, having served as a consigliere for Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Newsom denied having such a conversation, but McGowan had proof that she exposed it in a four-part tweet. The tweet included screenshots of messages between Newsom and herself and emails involving detailed information regarding the list of victims in the Weinstein case. McGowan also revealed that she was threatened by his attorney Boies after identifying Weinstein as the person who raped her. She also said that Newsom had made further attempts to get her to keep her mouth shut by asking what Boies could do to make her happy, to which she said nothing.

The disturbing revelations made by McGowan have dug up enough dirt on Newsom to reveal what a fake and pretentious feminist she is. Still, she had the nerve to deny it all, saying that she only wanted to show McGowan that she was an ally and that she could rely on her in a vain attempt to throw it all off of her, but the screenshots shared by the actress are enough for the people to see her natural face. She tried manipulating McGowan’s statement by saying she only asked out of goodwill if Boies could do anything to help her “heal” to promote a culture that ensures healing. She said she was saying all that against Newsom her trauma.