Jen Psaki’s ‘Latest Mockery’ Reflects The ‘Incompetency’ Of Biden Administration

Certainly, Jen Psaki is not very good at her job. That isn’t to suggest she isn’t capable of deflecting and delivering the White House’s talking points. However, as already stated, it is believed that most of her performance is an illusion.

Moreover, Psaki has a knack for doing things that make Democrats squeal and yell “Psaki- bomb” on social media. However, when it comes to the actual objective of communicating effectively, she is a disaster. Even when it comes to political spin, the goal is to convince, and Psaki has demonstrated that she is hopeless at it.

According to Psaki, the cable news networks’ Chyrons reference the likely deployment of 8,500 troops to Europe. Who knows if that is real or not. Confirming such information would be a job for Newsbusters. The notion that CNN and MSNBC don’t frequently air highly inflated portions is bizarre.

Instead of admitting it’s a significant problem, she grins into the camera and says, “What does that even mean?” She then declares that such reporting is part of an “alternative universe.” Imagine living in a city like Washington, DC, where violent crime is increasing, and property crime is at an all-time high. Isn’t it a little offensive that the government mocks such realities?

There’s more to Psaki’s time at the State Department than providing talking points and a healthy dose of sarcasm. Millions of Americans are afraid to walk outdoors at night because their cities have been turned into war zones, but she won’t address it as she mocks those who can’t utilize DoorDash every evening. It provides insight into Joe Biden’s problems.

Therefore Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, and her colleagues scorn and belittle any issue that deviates from the left’s awakened dogma. Psaki and the rest of his managers are sending you a clear message: “they loathe you.” The President’s dwindling support is directly tied to his unwillingness to work within the boundaries of reality. Admitting this and acting to rectify the situation would undoubtedly help the White House garner favor.