Jen Psaki Has Unintentionally Exposed Democrats’ Problems with Parental Rights

As the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki is responsible for not just conveying the messages of the Biden administration, but also doing so in a way that makes the administration look good.

In light of how many mistakes have been made by current leaders, Psaki often resorts to lying and misrepresenting information for the sake of making the Biden administration appear in a favorable light.

Lately, this is getting harder for Psaki as issues with this administration pile up. Now, new information from Red State shows how Psaki’s latest exchange with Fox News reporter Peter Doocey showcases Democrats’ problems with parental rights.

The White House’s War on Parental Rights

On Monday, Doocey asked Psaki what age the White House thinks is appropriate for children to start learning about gender identity and other related matters.

This was in reference to the White House’s criticisms against a new law in Florida that says children in kindergarten, first, second, and third-grade classes aren’t to be taught about gender identity and gender politics.

Psaki did not give Doocey a clear answer, which isn’t unusual for her. Instead, the White House press secretary said the administration “reviewed” Florida’s new law and sees it as nothing more than politicians putting out policies that are “misinformed” and “hateful.”

Later, Psaki claimed the Department of Education is going to examine potential next steps and see whether or not Florida’s law comes in violation of civil rights.

In all of these remarks, the White House press secretary made no reference to parents of young children who aren’t interested in gender identity politics being taught in classrooms.

Then, again, Democrats have repeatedly shown their lack of regard for parents and parents’ rights to be involved in their children’s education.

A Concerning Pattern from Democrats

The Democrat Party’s outrage against Florida’s new education law is not rooted in reality or truth. In fact, Democrats repeatedly referring to this law as “Don’t Say Gay” shows they’ve either not read the legislation or are just intentionally lying about it.

Either way, this comes as a pattern of Democrats and the White House waging war on parents. Last year, the Justice Department called parents “domestic terrorists” for voicing their concerns during school board meetings.

Also, in 2021, Democrats said that parents aren’t the clients of the school systems teaching their kids, but the community is the real client.

Anti-parent policies cost Democrats control over the state of Virginia last year and it’s going to cost them the midterm elections this year.