Jen Psaki Has Been Forced on the Sidelines by COVID Again

From medical professionals, Democratic politicians and others, Americans are constantly being spoon-fed talking points about how great COVID-19 vaccines are.

These groups laud COVID vaccines as great developments that everyone should be all too eager to roll up their sleeves for. In fact, medical professionals and Democrats have been fully on board with vaccine mandates that force unvaccinated folks to lose their livelihoods.

Yet, despite all the heavy pushing for the COVID vaccines, they are deeply flawed, at best. These vaccines cannot stop their recipients from being infected. They also cannot stop recipients from spreading the airborne virus to others.

There are multiple cases of officials who are fully vaccinated with their booster shots still testing positive for COVID. In the case of White House press secretary Jen Psaki, this has happened to her twice now, according to Red State.

Reviewing Psaki’s Latest Run-in with COVID

On Tuesday afternoon, the White House press secretary put out a Twitter thread publicly announcing that upon being tested for COVID, she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Psaki then stated that in light of this development, she won’t be traveling to Europe with Biden to discuss current geopolitical events with leaders.

Also, because the White House press secretary has COVID (despite her being vaccinated, having her booster shot and having previously come down with the virus), she’ll be entering into a self-isolation period for five days.

The White House press secretary then said that after the five-day timeframe and a negative test, she’ll return to work in person.

Reactions to Psaki’s Announcement

Thus far, Psaki is one of the only people who is completely vaccinated and boosted to test positive for the virus two times. This, once again, triggered conversations and debates about how effective the COVID vaccines really are.

There are already existing claims that COVID vaccines and boosters lose effectiveness as time passes. This is apparently why the medical community is already working on a fourth COVID vaccine in the form of a second booster shot.

Amid news the White House press secretary is yet again positive for COVID, some people stated on social media that they’re unvaccinated and have never come down with the virus.

Then, other folks stated they previously came down with COVID, but beat it back quickly, thus giving them natural immunity.

Over the course of this month alone, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are other fully vaccinated and boosted individuals to test positive for COVID, yet still laud the vaccines that haven’t saved them from infection or symptoms.