Jen Psaki Can’t Cover Biden’s Recent Gaffes

Over the past several weeks, Joe Biden’s made one very dangerous gaffe after the next. From talking about sending US troops into Ukraine, to flippantly speaking about chemical weapons and Russian regime change, the president’s blunders are very much a problem.

Each time Biden’s made one of these gaffes, his administration has been left with no choice but to come out and walk things back. Due to the continuous pattern of this happening, many Americans are further questioning whether the president’s faculties are intact.

During a press conference earlier this week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki tried to clean up her boss’ recent gaffes. Although, according to Twitchy, even all the spins in the world couldn’t convince Americans not to see what’s clearly before them.

Psaki’s Failed Attempt at Damage Control

On Wednesday, the White House press secretary was asked whether or not Americans should simply take Biden’s comments about foreign policy.

This question was prefaced with the reminder of White House officials having to consistently correct Biden’s statements about current geopolitics events.

To this end, Psaki stated the president is fond of “shooting from the shoulder.” On top of this, Psaki also claimed that Biden is simply calling out various affairs as he interprets them.

The problem with this, though, is that Biden’s loose-lipped interpretations have the potential to seriously escalate global tensions. Russian President Vladimir Putin is already issuing threats against the West, NATO, and nations considering joining NATO.

No matter how Psaki tries to explain away Biden’s latest gaffes on regime change, US troops, and chemical weapons, it doesn’t change the reality of what Americans are facing, along with the rest of the world.

A Dominio Effect of Disasters

When Biden gets in front of the world and makes comments that have to be repeatedly changed by his own administration, it conveys weakness.

Biden’s weakness in the first place is why Putin felt comfortable enough to invade Ukraine. The Russian president, like the rest of the world, witnessed how poorly Biden handled things when he was getting US troops pulled out of Afghanistan.

Had Biden shown strength and wisdom on that front, the war in Ukraine would likely be nonexistent today. Also, Americans wouldn’t be facing gas prices that are through the roof and warnings about possible shortages in food coming soon.

No matter what Psaki says while standing behind the White House podium, she can’t make Americans not see what’s right in front of them.