Jamie Raskin’s Remarks Have Quickly Backfired on Him

The gaslighting of Americans who raise issues about the 2020 presidential election continues.

Time and time again, people who mention suspicious activities with Dominion Voting machines, dumped ballots with votes for former President Trump, and sworn affidavits alleging election fraud are deemed as dangers to democracy.

Americans are also being called “election deniers” by the president and blasted as threats that need to be stopped from taking over.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) recently echoed these comments from Joe Biden over the weekend, claiming Biden said nothing wrong. However, Raskin’s approach toward people questioning the 2020 presidential election has backfired in a way that he didn’t expect.

The Problem With Raskin’s Take on Election Denials
On Sunday, Raskin told CBS New that Biden was right to deem “MAGA Republicans” as “semi-fascist.” The Maryland Democrat then followed up by claiming that one sign of fascism is the inability to accept election outcomes where the opponent wins.

However, Raskin himself hasn’t always accepted elections that didn’t go in his favored direction. In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, the Democratic congressman argued that Florida’s electoral votes in favor of Trump should not be counted.

Then, back in 2000, when former President George W. Bush defeated Al Gore, Raskin argued this election was stolen and claimed the American people weren’t the true electors of Bush.

By Raskin’s own account, he fits the very definition of fascism that he claims is applicable to Republicans.

A Pattern For Democrats
Raskin is far from the only Democrat with a track record of questioning and even denying elections that went in favor of the opposition.

After Trump won the 2016 presidential election, countless Democrats deemed him to be an illegitimate president. Leftists also declared Hillary Clinton was the true winner, arguing that Trump only landed in office because of the Russian government.

Even after accusations of Trump colluding with Russia were disproven, Democrats continued to run with this narrative.

Back then, no one on the left accused their own of being “semi-fascist” or dangerous to American democracy. Although Democrats have shown that when it comes to questioning election outcomes and raising concerns about various electoral votes, it’s only an issue when the GOP does it.