Jamaal Bowman Gets “Arrested” After Disregarding Orders From Capitol Police

Jamaal Bowman of New York was detained outside the United States Capitol building after defying instructions by Capitol Police three times. Outside Congress, the New York Democrat demonstrated in support of his party’s failed election reform legislation. After receiving three warnings from the police, Jamaal Bowman and a small group of other demonstrators obstructed a Capitol barricade and refused to leave.

Moreover, during the Women’s March on Washington, Bowman was one of 27 people arrested for blocking a walkway, a misdemeanor punishable by 90 days in jail. Bowman’s failure to heed Capitol Police orders comes about a year after he chastised Republicans for “disregarding Capitol security,” which he labeled “bullshit.” Democrats have chastised Republicans for refusing to cooperate with a congressional probe into the Jan. 6 rioting. Bowman justified his conduct, claiming that he would do it “again and again and again.”

He will “continue to do all in his power to draw attention to the situation they’re in and to protect democracy,” Bowman adds. The legislation mandated mail-in voting and gave freed criminals full voting rights.

Furthermore, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D., Ariz.) was labeled a “traitor” to “our democracy” by New York Democratic Rep. Bowman for declining to vote to end the filibuster and pass the Senate’s budget and immigration legislation. Mondaire Jones, a fellow New York Democrat, called fellow Democrats who voted to retain the filibuster in place “white nationalists.” Bowman and his leftist friends are waging a more extensive campaign against fellow Democrats for failing to pass a budget bargain.

Rep. Joel Bowman has joined “The Squad,” a group of far-left Democrats in Congress. He was first elected in 2020 after defeating longtime congressman Eliot Engel in a Democratic race, which he saw as too moderate.