‘It’s Truly A Public Health Crisis’ – One Border Town Is Busing Hundreds Of Untested Illegals To Austin And Houston Every Day

The Border city of Laredo along the US-Mexico border faces an influx of illegals brought in in hundreds and transported to Houston and Austin from there. The illegal migrants allowed into the country, all thanks to Biden’s immigration policies, over a million migrants have crossed the Southern border, overcrowding the detention centers. They are now being transported to other cities of the state in buses.

30-40% of the illegals coming in through the border were tested positive for the Covid-19 by the border patrol last month. But as they run out of space to contain them, let alone quarantine them, they have stopped testing them, pretending the virus does not exist anymore. Now the migrants are being sent to Laredo in bulk, and from there, up to 200 migrants are being bussed to Houston and Austin, and from there, they are being released under federal law to roam freely into the country.

If we look into the demographics, the migrants are first captured in McAllen by the Border Patrol, and from there, they are sent to Laredo as they run out of space. They are sent to Austin, a city that defunded its police and already has overcrowded homeless camps. Houston faces a similar crisis of overwhelmed camps for the homeless that nobody from state representation wants to look at. On top of that, the state sending illegal immigrants into the cities will only cause a bizarre situation. They will eventually be released to travel freely into the country.

The mayor of Laredo, a democratic, warned the government repeatedly to control the border situation and even filed a lawsuit against them. Still, there was no conclusion, and in the end, he had to take it back, agreeing to a compromise. The Biden administration’s stance is pretty straightforward. Over a million migrants allowed into the country with thousands freed under federal government and the added stress of Lambda variant of Covid-19, they have decided to carry the US to the brink of devastation.