It’s Beginning To Fall Apart: Runaway Texas Dems Blast Each Other When Some Return To State

More than two weeks have passed since Texas Democrats fled to Washington, DC to meet with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to protest the Republican voter ID measure. They were able to meet with Harris, but Biden appeared unmoved, repeatedly refusing their request for a meeting.

The Democrats have been lining up in DC to form a quorum, but they have fallen short as they need a hundred out of 150 to make it but so far, only 95 have gathered up as 4 of the runaway Democrats returned. The Democrats standing their ground have mocked the Democrats that left them and blasting them on social media. One of the Dems that left the bottom includes James Talarico. When confronted by Fox News’s Pete Hegseth for naming at least one voter being denied the right to vote, was he Even upon return, he wrote a tweet that said he was hopeful that Congress would override the voter ID bill. A shameless attempt to hide his face.

Fellow democrats heavily criticized Talarico for having left them standing. Yet, he dared to write such an ignorant tweet which further implied that he had returned to clean the messes created by Gregg Abbott. And what mess exactly? He was left to deal with the Covid issue caused by returned Democrats or the illegal immigrants wreaking turmoil along the southern border, which Biden has wholly ignored. Texas has constantly been subjected to oversight by the Government, and Abbott himself is dealing with the real messes.