It’s A Movement: Chanting Against Biden And They’re Not Holding Back

Biden’s job approval rating has been falling day by day ever since he took over the Presidential office. The state has been a catastrophe one after the other, and most Americans were already unhappy with how he was handling the Covid situation. After the failed withdrawal attempt in Afghanistan, the people see more clearly how the Biden regime is polluting the reputation of the US as the global leader.

The situation is getting grim for Biden as Americans start to lose their faith in the Biden Administration. The approval rate has fallen 4 points to 44%, with a 51% disapproval rate. The overall disapproval rate amid the Afghanistan crisis is a clear indication that people have had enough. The mainstream media’s attempts to conceal Biden’s incompetence have been unveiled, and people are starting to look at the accurate picture. Before the failure in Afghanistan, where Biden failed to evacuate the American citizens and Afghan allies before the troops withdrew entirely, people heavily criticized Biden for the repeated mandates and lockdowns.

The young citizens of the country that tend to be more liberal have raised their voices against Biden and that too more publicly during a football game this weekend. Thousands of people coming together to watch the fun with the fear of Covid still lurking in the air had them chanting slogans against Biden, full of disgust and clamor. The most evident is the quite explicit chant ‘F#ck you, Joe Biden’ recorded at multiple locations, and people of all ages were seen joining the crowd. The chant was recorded to be hitting the sports bars and even concerts. It isn’t a perfect sign for the older man as it might just be the beginning of a movement against him, but a good thing for America as folks are finally speaking up against the radical, leftist Biden.