It Doesn’t Seem Like The Russians Are Scared Of Joe Biden

Joe Biden is elderly, and he’s seen a lot of history, but based on his current judgments, he doesn’t seem to have internalized any of it. It is critical to have a solid understanding of history. When dealing with Vladimir Putin, Biden hasn’t done much right.

President Joe Biden discussed what he told Russian President Vladimir Putin during a phone chat about not invading Ukraine. By losing part of Czechoslovakia to the Nazis, Chamberlain felt he had won “peace for our time.” But this was a colossal misinterpretation of Hitler’s motivations and goals.

Moreover, President Joe Biden said he informed Russian President Vladimir Putin that if his country attacked Ukraine, the US would raise its military presence in NATO nations and support Ukraine with defensive assistance. He stated that he believes Putin received the message but implied that they are looking for “accommodation” for a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin understands that he no longer has anything to fear from the United States, and Joe Biden’s words demonstrate how out of his depth he is in this situation. Even stating that he would send “defense help” (which might be understood as non-lethal assistance) could encourage Russia. What more do they need to say than to withdraw their soldiers and cease threatening their neighbor?

President Joe Biden may be planning Chamberlain-style appeasement of Russia, oblivious that this will strengthen Putin. The United States will encourage Ukraine to legally grant eastern Ukrainian territories presently controlled by Russia-backed rebels some autonomy. In 2015, a dark peace pact established a vague “special status” for the territories.

But it’s unclear whether Joe Biden’s ‘tough’ statements to Russia’s Vladimir Putin frightened the Russians. If you listened to the Russian military, and it doesn’t seem like Biden shocked or scared them in the least. When do they start wondering if the Russians have anything on Biden? He has gone over himself for Putin at every point, so when do they start asking whether the Russians have anything on him?

Furthermore, in the Donbas area, Russia has been attempting to provoke Ukraine into a reaction. So don’t be shocked if an invasion follows, based on Ukraine’s “provocation,” as Vladimir Putin claims. Another historical allusion rang warning bells in my thoughts when he saw that, according to Gleiwitz. For those who want more information, the Nazis staged a false flag incident at Gleiwitz, alleging that Polish forces had attacked the radio station as grounds for invading Poland.