Is Kamala Harris Dishonest Or Just Plain Stupid?

It’s evident that the Biden Government is emitting a foul odor, and other Dems wouldn’t like to be associated with it in any way. This “voting privileges” nonsense, combined with a desire to abolish the Senate, isn’t doing anyone any good at all. However, it is not just Biden who sank to such low levels. Kamala Harris has spoken and thus, demonstrated that she may be either quite stupid or highly deceitful.

As you can see, that’s the point at which incline with Harris being more blatantly dishonest than she is simply stupid. Indeed, she is an utterly poor politician, but I believe she can keep track of the votes even in that case. Given this, anyone with a basic reading comprehension of mathematics at the level of a four-year-old recognizes that 52 parliamentarians are never a “minority.” That is the current count for overturning the Senate, among all 50 Republican senators uniting with Democratic Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema in opposing it.

The idea that Republicans are perhaps breaking the Constitution by shutting down the government is so untrue that there is no means it was an accident. While Dems blocked Tim Scott’s police bill from getting a vote, were they breaking the law? Not at all. Harris is not stupid, but she doesn’t have her job skills. Instead, she’s trying to make the Senate look bad since it doesn’t appear in the country’s written Constitution.

To judge mental strength, we might want to consider whether the tactic being used is even logical. Attempting to pass “voting privileges” that already occur is a complete failure because many Senate democrats don’t want to risk their careers by voting for it. Instead of diving straight into an election cliff, an intelligent government would change direction. On the other hand, Harris thinks she can place on a stern expression, communicate weirdly, and even get what she wants. At best, it’s disgusting. At worst it is, it turns people off.