Is Biden Creating A War For Oil?

Steven Crowder updates people on what happened over the weekend in Washington, DC. Biden may have just started a new oil war, and the media is once again lying about Donald Trump. Is it true that they forbid Russian cats from entering the United States?

The action comes after Ukraine’s president pleaded with US and Western diplomats to halt Russian natural gas shipments. Despite tight limitations on Russia’s banking sector, energy exports have ensured a continuous infusion of cash pouring into the country. European countries have stated that they intend to lessen their dependence on Russia for energy, but doing so will take time.

According to AAA, the national average cost of a gallon of gasoline in the United States has risen 45 cents in the last week and surpassed $4.06 on Monday. The United States typically buys roughly 100,000 barrels of Russian crude oil per day, accounting for just 5% of Russia’s total crude oil exports. ExxonMobil and BP are among the Western oil corporations that have broken connections with Russia and limited imports. According to preliminary figures, Russian crude imports fell to zero in the final week of February.

Moreover, before the Ukraine conflict, Russian oil and gas accounted for more than a third of several European nations’ government income. The United States and its foreign partners have sanctioned Russia’s top banks and its central bank and finance ministry. However, the Treasury Department’s guidelines enable Russian energy transactions to continue through non-sanctioned institutions.

Inflation, spurred in large part by rising gas costs, has harmed Biden’s electoral standing ahead of the November elections. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine can exacerbate supply chain issues and inflation, both of which have been critical weaknesses for Biden. Restricting the world’s largest natural gas exporter might undermine the unity that US officials think is essential in dealing with Putin.