Iran Gave Back The Donated COVID-19 Vaccines Because They Were Made In United States

Poland provided approximately one million doses of the British-Swedish AstraZeneca vaccine to Iran, only more than half of the contribution returned. Because the COVID-19 vaccinations were made in the United States, the Iranian authorities rejected over 800,000 doses.

According to an Iranian official, about 820,000 doses of polio vaccine shipped from Poland to Iran originated from the United States. “It was determined that the vaccinations would be returned after consultation with the Polish envoy to Iran,” Mohammad Hashemi adds.

Moreover, even though Iran is presently dealing with its sixth major outbreak of COVID-19 illness, the country continues to refuse vaccines from its adversaries. Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, stated in 2020 that the government would not let American or British vaccines into the country. Iran freely buys vaccinations made in Western countries other than the US and the UK.

With almost 135,000 cumulative COVID fatalities, Iran has an enormous national death toll from COVID-19 in the Middle East. According to the Iranian government, nearly 90% of its population over 18 has been vaccinated with two injections, but just 37% has had a booster. Iranians can also receive Russia’s Sputnik V vaccination, India’s Covaxin, and the COVIran vaccine created in Iran.

Furthermore, in 2021, Iranian-backed Houthi militants stormed the American embassy in Yemen, capturing several captives. Despite the ayatollah’s opposition to using British vaccinations, the British-Swedish AstraZeneca vaccine is widely used in Iran. Relations between the United States and Iran have deteriorated in recent weeks.

In February, the US State Department stated that Iran was “weeks” away from power an atomic bomb. Shortly after this declaration, Iran unveiled the Khaibar-buster, a new solid-fuel missile capable of striking American sites in the Middle East and targets deep into Israel. The missile is thought to be capable of evading Israel’s formidable missile defense systems.