In The Face Of Biden’s “Lies,” Judge Jeanine Stands Up For Border Patrol

Judge Jeanine Pirro publicly blasted the Biden Administration for the chaos at the Southern Border and criticized them for blaming the Border Patrol for it. On ‘Justice with Jeanine,’ she defended the border patrol against Biden’s accusations, calling out his inability to follow the law and fulfill his responsibility. 

The Biden Administration said that the thousands of Haitians camped under the Bridge in Del Rio, Texas, will expel Haiti. Still, according to the Associated Press, those illegally immigrated Haitians are being released into the states and not returned to their country as Biden had promised. The situation was clarified by Homeland Secretary Security Alejandro Mayorkas, who seemed rather clueless about the number of Haitians removed from Del Rio. He first mentioned 30,000 and then corrected the number to 15,000 illegals removed. 

Pirro said that the left has been trying to blame the previous administration for the mess at the border. Still, she strongly opposed and blamed the current administration for the chaos and not following the law or fulfilling his constitutional duty. 

We know that there are busses loaded with Haitians going into Arizona, Texas, New York, Florida in complete darkness. So Biden is not being honest with the American people and is willing to blame the Border patrol working under the state’s orders and guess who’s running the state. It’s not the first time Biden has done anything illegal or untrue to preserve his face but blaming the border patrol. At the same time, he opened the gates to illegal immigrants is entirely ridiculous.