If DC Is ‘Afraid’ Of Donald Trump, He ‘Deserves’ Four More Years

When government officials reinforce the conviction that they are flawed human beings unworthy of respect, they strive not to become enraged. But some things make blood boil quicker than we can manage our emotions and fury. And one of those instances occurred this week when Mitch McConnell pushed the DC Leviathan’s lie that January 6 was a “violent insurgency” in a blatant attempt to set the stage for a time when Washington’s power-mad monsters declare to the country that President Donald Trump will not be “permitted” to run for re-election in 2024.

An avalanche of articles can be written about how crucial Donald Trump’s presidency has been for the United States. But it appears to be secondary to the need to wrap up six years of government-sanctioned falsehoods, crimes, and propaganda intended to sabotage the 2016 election and ram all of Washington’s corruption down the nation’s throat. Even if people didn’t like Donald Trump, the Uniparty and Deep State’s unwavering attempts to undermine his 2016 election, destroy his presidency, and now put Trump in legal trouble are more than enough to convince people to vote for him again.

Moreover, everyone now recognizes the Russian collusion fake as a complex plot, even the most deluded. With continual concerns of criminal charges hanging over the White House, a fake Mueller “witch hunt” helped hamstring Trump’s Administration. With outlandish assertions that the Republican president was a Russian spy, establishment Republicans legitimized conspiracy theories in Congress. The ruling class exploited a COVID-1984 epidemic to usher in anonymous and unsecured mass mail-in voting in battleground states just in time for the 2020 election. A career Washington insider campaigning from his Delaware basement might legitimately garner more votes than Obama, Trump, or any previous President.

Therefore the Committee hearing on January 6 is one of the most blatantly totalitarian attacks on regular Americans for their political opinions in recent memory. Suppose Mitch McConnell and his Uniparty cronies have given any thought to the repercussions of depriving the American people of the opportunity to elect Donald Trump again in 2024 democratically. There will be no turning back if they shatter the curtain of our last surviving civic standards.