Hunter Biden’s Alleged Laptop Contains American Prostitute Union Ideas

Hunter Biden’s many years of experience in negotiating high-cost sessions with prostitutes all across the United States seem to have given him some inspiration for new and “legitimate” business ideas for the industry.

Text messages, emails, and documents were discovered on Hunter’s alleged laptop, abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop. However, Hunter’s admissions regarding his legal issues and President Joe Biden’s political career have made his encounters with prostitutes and pimps well-known.

Biden’s alleged laptop contains records of his multiple dealings with prostitutes and pimps, showing a systematic process including electronic payments online for sex services advertised on websites.

The Washington Examiner reported on July 5 that texts and a recorded 14-minute conversation from March 2, 2019, with an employee of the exclusive Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont, a long-time resort and residence for Los Angeles and New York elites, layout Biden’s theories regarding unionization for prostitutes.

Apparently, because of the illegal nature of sex work in most parts of the United States, Biden acknowledged that organization could not be done “in any traditional way.” In essence, he theorized that advertising for sex services could be done “legally” by going “through the unions [of which] you’re a member.”

Without detailing how the process would create a buffer of legality, Biden posited that union dues could function essentially as a prostitute’s advertising fees.

Biden considered that a prostitute union would need to show proof that a pimp is not a sex trafficker and that they could be subject to a rating system “like you rate nonprofits.”

In 2002, the union was used to launch the International Union of Sex Workers in the United Kingdom. The British organization is an offshoot of a general labor union that promotes sex work advertising while also providing public relations advocacy for sex work enterprises.

Biden appears in the recordings to feel for the plight of sex workers, at least in comparing the work to everyday jobs across the country.

“It’s like any other job. There are parts of it that suck. They’re tiring. Some clients are complete pains in the ass. There’s management that can be really horrible,” Biden stated in apparent sympathy toward the prostitutes he has hired in the past.

Biden found that many prostitutes would benefit from union membership because they are part of a “typical traditionally uneducated minority.”

However, he discovers that many of the prostitutes he has met are intelligent businesswomen dedicated to their work.

“They dance because they love it.”