Hunter Biden Used Joe’s House As Home Office

A report published by the New York Post on Saturday reveals that Hunter Biden has been using the mansion owned by Joe and Jill Biden in Wilmington, Delaware, as a home office. The mansion, which Hunter has used as his primary address following his divorce in 2017, has been found to contain at least 12 classified documents relating to foreign countries where Hunter has engaged in questionable business dealings, including Ukraine.

According to leaked mobile phone texts, Hunter Biden aimed to convert part of the property into his personal business office. This raises serious security concerns, as having access to classified U.S. material makes it easier to leverage business operations and puts sensitive information at risk.

Hunter even said he owned the lakefront property when submitting information for a July 2018 background check as part of a rental application.

Hunter reportedly instructed his assistant, Katie Dodge, to have items in storage sent to the guest house on his parent’s property in December 2018. Dodge responded to Hunter’s instruction with a text message sent four days later, including an image of a storage facility with three levels of containers stacked up. She wrote in the message: “You have almost I think 3 of these containers full of office and personal items. Will they fit at Barley Road? It’s 3,000 cubic feet.”

He had previously rented office space in the House of Sweden facility in Washington, D.C., through February 2018. The Biden Delaware mansion is also listed as the billing address for Hunter Biden’s credit card and Apple accounts in 2018 and 2019.

Former FBI agent Warren Flagg describes the news that Hunter Biden was anywhere that contained classified information as “outrageous.” He added, “There’s a plethora of unconfirmed possibilities here which would be detrimental to this entire situation. How many people have access to the house? It is a zoo.”

WorldStrat president and information operations consultant Jim Hanson said that it is undeniable that having access to classified US material makes it easier to leverage business negotiations and opportunities. “You know things others don’t know or can’t know. That’s one very distinct possibility,” Hanson said.

He added: “He’s a degenerate junkie cavorting with foreign prostitutes. How could that go wrong in a place where a bunch of documents are stashed everywhere?”

Hunter Biden was making millions of dollars with no experience, and it now appears all but certain that he has access to classified information that could benefit his business dealings. Even as the classified documents scandal grows more troubling and complex by the day, Joe Biden and the White House continue to refuse to provide any meaningful transparency into the controversy.