Hunter Biden Introduced Associates To Top CCP Official

Hunter Biden reportedly told an associate that he would be “happy” to introduce him to a top Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official in 2013. That associate was James Bulger, the nephew of notorious Boston crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger.

Fox News reports the emails supporting the exchange between Biden and Bulger were reviewed and verified as authentic. Hunter Biden’s business connections came largely through his father, then the vice president, and it is clear that he was willing to use them to the benefit of his associates.

The request came after the younger Bulger noticed that Hunter Biden was sitting next to Tung Chee-hwa, who is a billionaire and highly connected within the CCP.

Bulger has never been linked to his late uncle’s criminal activities. He is the chairman of Thornton Group LLC in Boston and worked together with Hunter Biden on Chinese ventures.

Fox News reports that Bulger emailed Hunter Biden in 2014 looking for the introduction. He said that he understood that as Chinese President Xi Jinping was at the dinner honoring then-Vice President Biden, “you were seated right next to Mr. Tung.”

Bugler and Hunter Biden worked together in a joint venture called BHR Partners, which was controlled by the Bank of China Limited.

Bulger said in the email that BHR associates would benefit from being introduced to Mr. Tung and that it would be “helpful” if an email were sent to the billionaire setting up a meeting.

The younger Biden apparently did not have a clear memory of who he sat next to at the Chinese dinner, though he was glad to accommodate Bulger. He replied “Happy to do this,” but said he did not have an email address for Tung and did not know the names of who sat to his left or right.

He then suggested an email be drafted in Mandarin and English for his approval. It is not clear whether the introductions with the top Chinese Communist Party official ever took place.

President Joe Biden has always insisted he had no involvement in his son’s business dealings. That remains to be seen, though there are indications that the claim is not entirely accurate. What is clear is that Hunter Biden had no trouble mixing business associates with CCP officials.